En hilsen fra WFSICCM – støtt våre afrikanske kolleger i kampen mot sepsis!

I Mail fra World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine blir alle oppfordret til å signere denne støtteerklæringen:

Dear national scientific society

In late October, representatives of the African Sepsis Alliance, the Global Sepsis Alliance, the African Federation of Critical Care Nurses, and the World Federation of Critical Care Nurses created the Kampala Declaration which formulated the demands and steps necessary to effectively fight sepsis in Africa.

To show the support of the global critical care community for the fight against sepsis in Africa and for the newly founded African Sepsis Alliance, the KAMAPALA DECLARATION can now be signed virtually. http://bit.ly/SignKampalaDeclaration

Sign and share it as widely as possible. Every signature counts.

On behalf of the Executive Committee and Council of the World Federation thank you for contributing to the dissemination of this important initiative.

Phil Taylor

Chief Executive Officer – WFSICCM