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We have now available the FATE protocol official website, to share with clinicians all over the world valuable information about the FATE protocol: http://www.fate-protocol.com/.

As you probably know, the FATE protocol consists of an abbreviated and goal-directed echocardiographic examination, specifically designed for quick cardio-pulmonary assessment in Critical Care settings, and proven to have substantial impact in decision making.

Due to the many info requests, and growing demand for FATE laminated cards (almost 5000 distributed so far!), we recently decided to create this website, which we hope you’ll find useful for your clinical practice.

Inside this website you will find:

– Introduction & description of the FATE protocol
– FAQ’s, answering frequent questions about FATE
– Downloadable FATE related articles (incl. the original FATE article)
– Request FATE laminated cards online (100% free, sponsored by GE)
– Ask Dr. Sloth link (easy way to send me comments, questions, etc)
– Clinical cases using FATE (available soon)

Be welcome to visit http://www.fate-protocol.com/ — you might find a new way to help your patients, optimize treatment and improve workflow.

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