APRICOT-studien (Barneanestesi)

The APRICOT-study (Anaesthesia PRactice In Children Observational Trial ) er publisert i the Lancet respiratory medicine. ESA, ved NASC har sendt NAF et ønske om at vi videreformidler informasjonen til medlemmene:

Email sent on behalf of Dan Longrois, NASC Chair,  to all NASC Representatives, Council Members and Presidents of ESA National Society Members.

Dear Friends and Collegues,

The ESA CTN Study APRICOT has been published online first in Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

Please find attached the press release and the articles from the Lancet Repiratory Medicine.

Please would you circulate these documents amongst your members as well as to national institutions who should be informed about the publications.

Prof Becke can be contacted at Karin.Becke@diakonieneuendettelsau.de.

With kind regards,

Dan Longrois

Chair NASC


Supplementum Apricot

Editorial Apricot Lancet Resp Med 2017

Apricot Study 2017 Lancet Resp Med

APRICOT Study – Press Release

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